Friday, May 17, 2013

Get it done!

SMART things I did this week:
Purchased my own domain name:
Went to the Social Security Office and changed my last name on my ss#
Made my student loan payment
Got a gym membership
Applied and was approved for a Kohl's card
Paid off the in store balance of Kohl's card right away


DUMB things I did this week:
Forwarded my new domain back to the old one. Yep.
Left a load in the washing machine for more than "an hour or two'' (18 hours)
Left that same load in the machine again after having to rewash (12 hours this time)
Washed that same load for the third time, but left it in the dryer (still there)
Ate the last of the fruit snacks and lied to the kids about it (I don't know where they went..No, YOU ate them. I'm an adult.)
Farted on my husband

Everything is in perfect balance.


  1. LOL!
    that is my regular laundry schedule! plus, i have three baskets of clean clothes in three different rooms of the house right now. at least they`re clean?