Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family Dinner that's Fresh & Easy

One of the ways my family saves money is by seldom rarely hardly ever never eating out. Do the math:
Family of 6 dinner at cruddy fast food joint, we each get 3 things from the $1 menu (because we're cheap like that):
And let's say we eat out once a week:
That is almost a grand a year on fast food! Not good? fast food, either. 
So, as you can guess, I cook a lot. While I am guilty of the occasional frozen pizza, I try to make it a priority to serve real food to my kids. Food that looks like..well.. food. So to preserve my sanity, while knocking out preservative riddled food, I hit up my local Fresh & Easy market quite a bit.
Last night, Vinnie requested bacon. Honestly, just bacon. Deep down inside I was like, You read my mind, kid! the mom in me had to add something else to the menu. We made a quick trip to Fresh & Easy, with Papi in tow to make life even easier, and grabbed dinner's ingredients.

Our local Fresh & Easy is super simple to navigate, there are no WHY IS THAT IN THAT ISLE AND NOT RIGHT HERE?!?! moments to worry about. Plus, they have sweet princess parking for families with small children. I snagged a coupon, and in total we spent LESS than we would have if we chose to eat fast food.
We went with bacon wrapped chicken breasts and spinach salad with strawberries (because that is the only way anyone in my family will eat spinach). Dinner was super yummy, incredibly easy, and since I cooked everything on the grill, clean up was a snap.
The best part about spending less and living F&nEasy? We were able to budget in a bottle of wine for later. Hooray for that!
To snag a $5 off $20 coupon:  http://clvr.li/YP4GsV 

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  1. That looks so good! I will admit we do eat out one day a week, it is our Friday tradition. But yes, so much cheaper to eat at home.

    1. I really love eating out, but we just can't afford it. Even when my husband and I are going on a date, we eat at home first. Has to be our anniversary or something for dinner out!