Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Worst Mother's Day Gifts

Men, I am shaking my mom finger at you if any of these "gifts" are included in your Mother's Day repertoire.

*Any pots, pans, or cooking related "woman in the kitchen" things.
*A nap, to which Mom wakes up and the house is on fire. Because you also took a nap.

*You fixed whatever shit you said you would fix 6 months ago.

*A brunch that includes standing in line for more than 20 minutes to be seated.

*A mess in the kitchen from the breakfast in bed you thoughtfully made.

*Beard trimmings in the bathroom sink because you shaved for Mother's Day.

*The enjoyment of sitting in the foyer during the Mother's Day service at church, because the family was late to church-because you took 40 minutes to shave.


*Flowers from a gas station.

*Jewelry that turns her skin green.

*Car stuff.

You're welcome, men. Now go forth and show your wives and mothers how much you adore them.
Happy Mother's Day!

(For some great gift ideas-click here!)

irocksowhat was on the same page as me today. Check out her list!


  1. Ha ha, how about a wheelbarrow??

  2. I love kitchen stuff--as long as I asked for it. Following the list is key.

  3. Nothing kitchen for me! White sunglasses with matching white purse

  4. LOl I would be lucky to even get these bad gifts.