Monday, April 29, 2013

Swappity Swap

Greetings, Bloggers!
It is that time of year when things get a little boring.
Not quite summer, Christmas is over and school is still in session. To remedy the off season minutia, I am organizing a swap between instagrammers, bloggers and social media butterflys.
To keep things inexpensive and easy, I am thinking the swap will consist of:
  • Some of your favorite treats (that can be shipped) i.e. candy, snack or novelty you get a kick out of.
  • Postcard or trinket from your area. Be sure to sign it and maybe write your IG name so the recipient will know who you are.
Keep in mind that:
#1 Where you live is pretty cool, even if you think it blows. Local stuff is always neat-o.
#2 If you cannot ship your stuff out by the deadline, that's cool! Please let me know beforehand so your person doesn't think you forgot about them.
Sounds simple enough to me, right?
FYI If you are new to the swap concept, here is what will happen: You will give me your shipping address (send me an email!) and I will select someone for you to ship your goodies to. I promise I will not give your info out to anyone creepy. I will select a window of shipping dates (3 or 4 days) for you to get your package out so everyone has an idea of when to expect their stuff. The person you are shipping to may not be the person you will receive your goodies from. I am literally going to draw names out of a hat. If you do not want to ship internationally let me know and I will ensure you ship to someone in your country.

This Swappity Swap is open to join until 5/3/13, so pass this along! The more people that join, the more fun this is. To Sign up email me at:

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