Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Broke


I have really slacked on the blog, but I keep starting lame posts and deciding that I would rather hang out with my husband instead of pumping something out to keep my weekly postings up.
Spring break happened and I had some time without the kids in the house (Averie was in Utah with her dad). Naturally, I slept and watched Call the Midwife episodes for most of my days off. I have no photos to show of that.
My husband took me on a date (the first real date we've had since New Years Day) to make me feel like I hadn't completely pissed the time away, and we had a nice evening exploring the haunted ship, The Queen Mary. **Do note that I am too lazy to actually blog about the date.


Jeffrey's picture taking skills. He always captures my good side.
We had the kids for the last half of spring break and battled sick germs and coughs for the rest of vacation. Oh, and it was cold and kind of rainy.

They were at least sick in shifts, taking turns laying on the couch like this.

I hope everyone else's spring breaks were eventful, if only to make up for my spring broke.

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