Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is coming up. Chances are your wife would be perfectly happy to receive a hand written note, homemade breakfast in bed with sloppy pancakes made by a 7 year old, construction paper "coupons" good for a half assed foot massage or any of these gifts.

The Scentsy warmer your wife really wants, but can't bring herself to spend $40 on because she knows you'd roll your eyes and say, "I can't smell anything".
Some awesome "Mom" jewelry from an Etsy store. Not some awesome "Mom" jewelry from Walmart.
maximillian strass-her by
Over priced Essie nail polish. Whimsy color name= happy mom.
A gift card to Aldo. Aldo does not sell children's shoes, so she will not be tempted to buy the children anything.
 Here's the thing: Mother's day is all about celebrating how much Mothers do for the family. So please, when shopping for your sweet wife, try to remember that she is a good mother because she constantly thinks about all y'all first. Like when she's:
  •  buying the $.99 bottle of off brand Glade instead of the Scentsy warmer
  •  creating her own Origami Owl necklace online, but never actually purchasing it
  •  wearing the clear Wet and Wild because she knows her hurried Essie polish job will just chip when she scrubs the toilet
  • only walking past Aldo on the way to a Gymboree clearance sale every.damn.time.

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