Thursday, April 4, 2013


Where have I been? Sleeping.
I had a gnarly tooth ache for a few days and ended up having a molar pulled, which led to multiple days of swollen face and knock out zzzzzzs.
When I woke up, it was the day before Easter. I had no food in my house and a lot of cleaning to do.
Then, it was Easter for five seconds, and then back to schools, field trip and parent teacher conference week.
NOW I am stressing over....
buying Crocs. For Cat. This is the most I have ever over thought a purchase and it is eating up my brains.
Here's the thing about being poor: You can't just buy your kid shitty shoes and say, "Ah, nuts. Those only lasted a month..I'll just go get another pair!" and then skip off to the Brea Mall. You have to haw and hum and plan and try on and price. If you don't and you decide to just buy her the knock off Crocs from the Family Dollar you end up with a kid crying because her ankles have rubbed raw and are bleeding. After walking one block.
Get it?
Decisions. Planning. Shoes. Food. House. Momming.
It is so hard. Gripe over.
So, here's Easter!

Vinnie and Averie with Creamed Egg on Toast, Cat playing Fluffy Bunny with Peeps, Bel hunting for eggs

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