Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's on my..blah

Taking a break from
because I have been kind of a bum for a few days and am not wearing any shoes and my unpolished toes look like hell. You don't need to see that.
Do you ever just get in a funk? I am in one right now. I think it is a combination of getting wrapped up in the day to day running around mom-race. Like, you think you are focusing everything you have on your kids and running your house..only to realize that somehow your kids are completely out of control and the house looks like doo-doo.
And you say, "How did this happen? I have been here the whole time, but I honestly can't remember what the heck I have been doing."
But right now, I am the only one home. THE ONLY ONE HOME!
Sometimes, a minute alone is invaluable. Remember when you were 20 and single and never wanted to be alone? Ha!
However, I do have a fitting song for my mood today.
Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime
My God, how did I get here?

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