Tuesday, March 26, 2013


On Tuesday mornings, before I drop the older girls off to school and the younger to their mother's babysitter, I like to take the time to remind everyone about all the "awesome" stuff we did over the weekend. Everything we do is awesome, because I so.
When you're a kid, it is easy to glaze over the details of a fun day and turn the individual events into one big, "I don't remember what we did. I think we just watched TV".
This morning (without fail) I refreshed every one's memories.

Remember how you got to go on a special date with Papi?


Remember how you got to wear costumes, eat ice cream and play at McDonald's for as long as you wanted??
(this is actually a huge deal for them..we do not eat fast food EVER. Seriously.)

Untitled Remember the bubble snakes?
Remember Knott's?
Remember the rolli pollis?
Grandma's house? The park? Easter bunny pictures?
Swap meet? Smiley faces? Playing operation?
Can't forget about the new trick you taught the blue bird!
Remember all your sight words we practiced?
What about last week?
Last month?
Last year?

Remember everything!
And I'd like to think that for the next 3 days, my step kids do remember..because I miss them terribly, and all I'm doing is remembering.


  1. Aw...what an awesome mommy!! I feel bad now. My kids are always like, "Hey mom! Remember when we did blah blah blah?!? Lets do it again!" and I'm like "Uhhhh, that was a lot of work. Lets just watch a movie or take a bath or something.........."