Friday, March 15, 2013

News That Rocks My World

A few bits of news that have been of interest to me this week

*Well, Google Friend Connect is going bye bye..Bummer.
Just to let you all know, I am on Bloglovin and have a handy button to the >>>
I really like Google Reader, so I am a bit miffed about the change....okayyougotme. Mostly, I am really lazy and don't feel like importing all the blogs I follow onto another client.
Life is hard.
But, what are those bloggers with THOUSANDS of followers on GFC going to do if their readers are lazy like me? It is like Fight Club is happening in the blog world. Do we all go to zero?

*The Chuck E Cheese by my house has an adult hamster wheel.
I am SERIOUS! This actually should be at the top of my news list. How cool is this?!
My husband and I each spent a buttload of tokens running on this thing. I am going to start working out here.

My husband (whom you know is "just Catholic enough") got a new Pope, AND he is South American. Mundo de El es lo maximo! or something like that.

*Getting caught up on Homeland Season 2 I am extra shifty eyed these days.

That's it, folks. My World in Review for you.


  1. there's a section on bloglovin' where you can import all your google reader blogs. check it out.

  2. If you give me $10 and your password I will import it all for you.

  3. Did you two make it through Lent? Is there a big Lent-End party? If not there should be!

    1. I have not cheated a time or two... and Jeffrey definitely has not shotgunned two Rockstars back to back.

  4. The Pope was big news in my Irish Catholic family also. Insane how many texts I got about this dude.