Monday, March 4, 2013


Mondays are car days for us.

Cat is rocking out to Belle and Sebastian with her eyes closed.

Naturally, music choice is key. Luckily, my kids have pretty decent taste in tunes, and don't seem to gripe if Justin Beaver isn't playing 24/7.
Our Top 10 Kid Requested iPod Tracks:
Track 1: Our House, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Young
Track 2: Shake Baby Shake, Lush
Track 3: Don't Worry be Happy, Bobby McFarrin
Track 4: I Want the World to Stop, Belle and Sebastian
Track 5: Caio! Lush
Track 6: Burger Rain, The Aquabats
Track 7: Every Day I Write the Book, Elvis Costello
Track 8: Second Hand News, Fleetwood Mac
Track 9: Jelly Man Kelly, James Taylor
Track 10: Tonight We Fly, The Divine Comedy

What are your kids constantly bugging you to play?


  1. Never Getting Back Together, Call Me Maybe, The Monkees, Laurie Berkner, Dan Zanes, ACDC, and Cherie Call. Your kids are super hip.

  2. I absolutely LOVE burger rain. Haha.
    New follower! Hello! (: