Monday, March 18, 2013

Julie Suarez and the Little People

St. Patrick's Day has never been a holiday I have cared about, other than the corned beef and cabbage part. As my sister put it, I am "negative 100 percent Irish". I'm so not Irish I'm Scottish.
But, for some reason, Averie just loves this holiday and insists we build a leprechaun trap every year. Since we now have  a carpenter in the family, I got my husband to craft the trap.

 I put the girls to bed and began setting up my tricks for the morning. Thank you Pinterest.

The spray painted tin foil is covering a golden nail the girls were hoping the leprechaun would impale himself on.

The kids woke up with leprechaun tracks on their faces and found that the little guy had escaped.

Untitled Untitled
They forgot that leprechauns always carry a saw in their back pocket.
Then, the kids spent the rest of the day looking for leprechaun tricks and pretty much occupied themselves on the hunt.

Here is my video of the kids finding the trap in the morning. It's pretty awesome.


  1. It was covering a nail! Ahahaa that`s awesome.
    That video is so sweet!! Their reactions are priceless.

  2. so good. probably my favorite thing ever.

  3. I love hearing the Colombian say "Leprechaun."