Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's On My Feet and On Repeat

 Yesterday I didn't get to post because I was busy meeting my new nephew (I shall call him Stripey Joe, because he doesn't have a name yet  He got named while I was blogging, but I'm still sticking to Stripey Joe. I like the ring of it...Sets him up for a promising old timey boxing career.)!

Today on my feet:

Flats by Gap. Dry legs not inlcluded.

On Repeat:
Kathy's Song, by Simon and Garfunkel
I got a new radio in my car with an auxillary cable, which meant I got to dig up my ipod and rediscover music that isn't The Cream of Clapton album I have to listen to over and over again because it is the only CD that doesn't skip. Hurray!

Good Ol' Stripey Joe.


  1. I love that Stripe Joe so, so much. You should put a bird on him.

  2. Oh what a little cutie, congratulations auntie!... Love your shoes!