Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stan Lee's Kids Universe


On Saturday, Jess from IROCKSOWHAT, her crew, Averie and I got to go to the launch party for Stan Lee's Kids Universe, a new entertainment company by Stan Lee. Kid's Universe is geared toward younger kids ages 1-10, and includes books, games and iPhone apps that coincide with the characters. The first title in this new series is called Monsters VS. Kittens. Written and illustrated by Dani Jones, it is a cute story about the differences between Monsters and Kittens, and the unlikely similarities that bring them together to be friends. Both boys and girls will go for this book. Phew!


At the launch party, "Uncle Stan" read to the kids and took a few moments to talk with some young fans. Averie was too busy being an actual kitten to cozy up to the Marvel legend. She will never have a career with the paparazzi.


I will also never join the staff at ET, because I was too timid to bust my way through reporters to get my moment with Mr. Lee. But, I will claim that head nod that was directed toward me (or whoever was standing nearby).

One thing that Jess and I were talking about, while trying to look media saavy a midst camera crews and people with microphones, was, "What would you even ask if you got a moment to interview him?" Originally, we were under the impression that there would be a one on one meet and greet with Lee, but when he arrived, his PR person said he was feeling under the weather and his press time would be brief. But, in all seriousness, What would I have asked him? 
Wyatt had no fear and photobombed celebrity mom, Jamie Pressly, who came with her son. 

Some of the questions Jess and I came up with were:
-Will you be my Grandpa?
-Huh huh...You're cool.
-Sign my boobs!
-I like Iron Man, do you?
- **Crickets**

If I ever get the chance to meet someone famous again, I will probably come better prepared.
..and bring some Depends, because I clearly cannot hold my @#*% around celebrities.

Monsters VS. Kittens is available at your local bookseller. Get it now! Go!


  1. I feel like I would ask him to slap me!
    That so awesome.. and even Stan Lee aside, I`m kinda obsessed with the title of that book!

  2. oh this is cute. I have to get this for my niece. thank you!

    1. It really is a cute book. We have enjoyed reading it.

  3. Personally i think such as I'd request him or her in order to punch me personally!
    Which therefore amazing.. as well as Stan Shelter apart, I`m kind of enthusiastic about the actual name of this guide!

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