Monday, February 25, 2013

The Darndest Things

Maybe I was bored today, but I thought it might be interesting to ask each kid the same question (one on one, so nobody could copy or change answers) and see what my girl's had to say.
Today's question:

Cat's answer:
"I would drink chocolate milk. LOT'S of chocolate milk."

Averie's answer:
(shifty eyed) "Why are you asking? I wouldn't call anyone if that's what you're wondering.... If I was home alone, I would go outside and find my way to church. To pray."

Vinnie's answer:
"Boy-Game. I mean, Gameboy."

Bel's answer:
"I would eat some food and I would take twenty bucks. And I would go."

My Verdict: No one is going to be staying home alone. Ever.

Bel, Averie, Vinnie and Cat feeling grown up with makeup and fancy clothes.


  1. STFU. that is hilarious. omg. averie. vinny. bel. cat. i'm dying. all of these answers are SO THEM.

  2. LOL Oh my goodness. Too funny!!! Out of the mouths of babes indeed!!! :) You are going to have some fun coming in the years ahead lol!

  3. jajajaja this was hilarious and on point. Love your girls.

  4. Bel is the only one telling the truth.