Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's Talk About Lent, Baby

Mu husband is Catholic. Not super Catholic, but enough.
I am not, but I am a good sport.
Anyways, there's this Lent thingy, where you give up something you normally partake of for forty days and don't eat meat on Fridays (but you can eat fish, which is a little fishy, but I'll take it),
and I'm like, "Yeah, I'll do this with you and not eat sweets. Totes Lent!"
>>>>Fast Forward
Now, I have gone 4 days without my "I'm so GRRRR at the kids WHY are they all SCREAMING RIGHT NOW and I just NEEEEED to shove a giant wad of Swedish Fish in my mouth and chomp down really hard OH GAAAAAAH candy" candy fix.
But, I am a good sport. And my husband is Catholic. And this is important to him.


And he has gone four days without his "Oh my Hell, the kids are all SCREAMING RIGHT NOW and I just NEEEEEEED so much caffeine to crunch the can up into a tiny aluminum rock and then GAAAAAH throw the can as hard as I can into the recycling bin ARRRRGH Rockstar" Rockstar fix.
So's I gotta represent and stick with this for another thirty-something days. Until Easter. When I eat all the candy on Earth and my husband OD's from Taurine.


  1. od`s from taurine, lmao! what a way to go. (:
    good luck!

  2. You perfectly captured the feeling of Lent. I mean it is supposed to be centering and spiritual but for me the first weeks are just as you described.

    1. Thank you for getting it. I worried that some would take offense at poking a little fun at the Lenten season, but I am pretty sure everyone who participates goes through this. My other favorite is, "Shit I forgot it's Friday". Said with a mouthful of hamburger.