Thursday, February 7, 2013

4 Girls, One Bedroom

4 little girls share one room at this house. One of the questions I get asked (I really do!) is, How do you keep them under control?
Well, Here is proof that I try.

Exhibit A.
The Closet.
In lieu of purchasing four dressers and cluttering up the play space, we bought a bunch of hanging organizers from Ikea. I just fold their clothes as best as I can and each girl has an organizer. The middle one is communal, with "DISPOSABLE" clothes, swimsuits, jammies and socks (my step mom will get the disposable clothes reference).

Don't think I don't know that you noticed the carefully cropped out mess of books above the clothes. It's there, and its my next project.

Exhibit B.
The Toys.
If their toys don't fit in these two bins, they gotta go. One bin is for doll houses, the other is for small pieces (Polly's, Pet Shops, Ponies). We keep the rest of the room as cleared out as possible.


Exhibit C.
The Beds.
Two bunk beds, one on each wall and a big space in the middle to play. We gave the kids the master bedroom and there is plenty of room for everyone...right now.
And yes, I let the girls clutter up the wall space next to their bed with whatever stuff they like.


Exhibit D.
The Rules.
No Jumping off of or on beds
Stay out of the closet!
Stay off of your sister's bed unless she says it is okay.
No throwing toys!
If Mom needs to vacuum and there is a toy on the ground, it goes in the trash.
The room MUST be clean before bedtime.
Be Nice.


So, there you have it. 4 girls under control.
When Vinnie wears her beanie and sunglasses she transforms into her alter-ego, MASTER-PIECE. Someday, I will write an entire blog posting about this one.


  1. It totally works and that last picture is hilarious... Love your girls, they are absolutely cool. Rose

  2. I am the oldest of 6 and us three girls share a room and we us bunk beds... and we do the same thing with our toys.. if it is on the ground when we vacume then in goes :)

    I have serriously been LOVING your blog!

  3. Even with all the extra kids at your house for the Christmas party, it didn't feel crowded in that room. My hat's off to you.