Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yet Another Pinterest Fail

You know that Pin about the oversized-architectural-print-turned-family-photo craft? The super easy one? The one that you cannot possibly mess up because it is essentially gluing paper to posterboard and that's it?
Well, I attempted that Pin and messed it up.
That is one wrinkled poster. Also, if you attempt to do this project, be sure to increase your contrast on your photo. Mine came out very light.
So, I turned my pinstrosity into an afternoon kid time killer.

I let the kids paint the abandoned, wrinkled and ripped craft while I stared at the blank wall space where my 3'x5' giant poster was supposed to hang.
I held out hope that somehow the kids would be able to make this project salvageable- like their natural kid craftiness would shine through, but they pretty much just scribbled on eachother's faces.
Oh, well. At least it kept them busy for 20 minutes.

Do you have any great Pinterest fails? I love a good well that didn't work moment.

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