Friday, January 25, 2013

When Pains it Roars!

Today is a "F" day for all my kids. F stands for FURLOUGH. Furlough means no school.
Today is day 2 of non stop rain.
My car has been broken down since Tuesday.
In keeping with my resolution, I am trying to stay positive, but so far today has gotten the best of me.
For Example:
12:01 AM: Catalina falls out of bed, wailing ensues
3:30 AM: Catalina has a nightmare about falling out of bed. Wailing.
4:00 AM: Another nightmare about beds, falling and Cat is wailing again.
4:40 AM: My alarm is going off to make the husband breakfast. I decide he can eat an effing donut on the way to work.
4:55 AM: Averie has coughed herself awake.
4:56 AM: Averie is in bed with me coughing.
4:57-7:00 AM: Still coughing, no sleep for me or Averie.
7:01 AM: Everyone is up!
7:02 AM: Everyone is fighting!

7:15 AM: Donuts for everyone. I eat 3 in between telling everyone to stop throwing donuts at each other.
8:00 AM: Everyone is in time out for fighting over ??????? I look up Rainy Day Activities on Pinterest.
8:10 AM: Out of time out. I give Bel a zip lock bag of baby oil and paint.
8:11 AM: Who the hell cares about the bag of baby oil and paint?

8:15 AM: Someone NEEDS to play with her Nintendo DS.
8:20 AM: Can't find the stylus. Forheadsmack.

8:30 AM: Oh, Hell. Just turn on NETFLIX.

Pray for me.


  1. lots of prayer headed your way, forreal.

  2. Hey I love your huge window. Put on Netflix for them tomorrow too. Hope it gets better!