Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feral Parrots!

What a blog post title, right?
Yes, I am here to talk about feral parrots-- and how a whole flock of them have moved into the trees in my neighborhood. At first, I thought the screeching was a bunch of kittens or (or tiny baby seals?) being tortured, but it turns out the SQUAAAAEEEECH WRAAAAAAAUUUCHEEE REEEEEEEEEE is about 30 red crowned parrots.
Here is a video from YouTube so you all can hear what I am hearing outside my window for 12 hours a day.

If you know me at all, you know that I have a real fear of birds (there's more of them than us!). I love the idea of birds, and at first thought that it was cool and exotic to have a scene from Rio happening outside my front door, but now that there are so many stocky, loud, evil eyed, poop cannons that are going to peck my eyes out-I just know they are planning something-It kind of freaks me out. However, the kids and my sweet, sweet husband are all bird lovers. To "help" me overcome my ornithophobia, my family suggested I start going to Omar's Exotic Birds for some "immersion therapy", if you will.
If you like parrots, and other those things, you should definitely go to check this place out. There are tons of flying rats  birds just flying loose. Loose!!

Untitled Just look at my eyes in these photos. Does this look therapeutic?

Do you have any animal fears? I'd love to hear about it. Oh, and for more information about Omar's or the wild, feral parrots inhabiting Southern California I have included some links for you. 


  1. When you come visit I will take you to the Columbia zoo where you will feed the birds. It will be cool and awful and then we will feed the giraffes to make it all better.

  2. That is UNREAL! And loud! It`s cool but I`d be sooo annoyed, haha.
    Your face is ADORABLE in that last pic! And I have that dressss!! I think.
    My only animal fear is TICKS. I`m so scared. And I have no idea what they look like, haha!

  3. wow those things sound terrible. I too would be terrified. my biggest animal fear are snakes. oh how i hate those horrendous things. They are beautiful but soooooo ekkk scary!