Monday, January 14, 2013

Competitive Word Eater

She will always like The Stones.
I am one of those humans that proclaims eternal allegiance for or against something with little cause to do so. Like when I was 14 years old and told (screamed at) my mom, "I will NEVER like The Stones. Ever!"
I told her this because as a new teenager, I had to hate everything my mother liked. Also at the time, my mom was wearing an embarrassing leather jacket adorned with a Stone's tongue and lip patch. Needless to say, when my head popped out of my bum a year later and I listened- really listened- to Between the Buttons, I knew I would have to eat those words if she ever found out I was a closet Stone's fan. For years I rolled my eyes when she turned up the classic rock station and poopooed her music choices in the car. It wasn't until I was an adult and my mother, visiting my own home, discovered my secret Rolling Stone's vinyl collection. I will never live down the moment of 14 year old-ness, and I have choked on those words hundreds of times. Now, I mourn for the lost time I could have spent enjoying something so awesome with my mother.
I have thought of all the words I have eaten in the past and wondered many times, when will I learn? The funny thing that I am now growing to realize is, THIS IS HOW I LEARN. Every bowl of word soup burns my cheeks and tastes of humility going down. Maybe someday I will be full, but until then..

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  1. that one doesn`t count though, cause cheryl crow actually is the worst. it`s a known fact.