Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Real Santa

We went to an event called Christmas Blvd, which was hosted by EV Free Fullerton, a big Evangelical mega church. We are not Evangelical's, but !DUDE! they know how to throw a party!
Of course, in full Suarez fashion, we showed up with two dead smart phones and no camera, so I couldn't take any photos of how great this Christmas festival was. Luckily, I saw that there were free Santa pictures being offered, so I got in line for the family while Jeffrey took the kids for a little bit.
When I was at the front of the line, and the rest of my family was no where to be seen, I had to do the awkward, "Your family can go in front of me", while I frantically scanned with crazy murder eyes for my husband.
When Jeffrey felt the darts shooting from my eyes and moseyed to the front, we finally got to see Santa and FINALLY got a family picture with all of us. It has been months since we have been photographed, so I was all photo Nazi about getting this snapshot.

Can anyone photoshop a smugger look on my husbands face?
This Santa was real, folks! He did the Santa thing and asked each kid what they wanted, BUT he threw in a gratuitous lecture for my Christmas present.
"Now girls", he began, "You need to behave and not fight for me, can you promise to try harder? And, I need you to pick up your clothes and toys to keep your room clean, so your mother doesn't have to spend so much time cleaning up after you. Please, help with chores and don't forget to do your schoolwork."
I am a believer.