Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stupid Hormones.

Lately, my conniving lady hormones have been trying to trick me into getting the baby fever. But, I have stayed strong. STRONG!
Not to say that we don't want another child...down the line. Way, way down there.
These are the thoughts my madame bovaries have been duping my brain into thinking:
We could totally fit a bassinet in here!
If we used cloth diapers, we would save so much money!
There's already four..what's one more??
Bel will be in preschool next year, so I will have tons of time.
We will totally have a boy next.
I could lose that baby weight so fast!
seriously, there's a crap ton of kids here.

Stupid lady hormones.


  1. so weird because 2 nights ago i honestly COULD NOT sleep thinking about what if i got pregnant and had a daughter. it was the first time i've ever had any real baby fever. i had some crazy plan in my mind to get secretly pregnant and i... i don't know. i woke up and it went away. i think it was the nyquil. not even kidding.

  2. Feel free to borrow my kid(s) any time to cure you of that.

  3. I will drop the boys off for a week.