Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Busy House

My gourmet stove

I have had to adjust to living in a "busy" house and things not looking like a page from MODERN HOMES. But, who is to say this isn't beautiful?
My family is together, there's food cooking, the TV's
off and although we are not peaceful at the moment, everyone is getting along more or less (I'll take that).
Jeffrey's to the muffins, of course. I HATE when he puts stuff on the counter,
 but the table is taken.
We are waiting on Santa to bring us a new dinner table nice, big benches!!. So, please excuse our lawn chairs. 
I took these pictures while writing this post to capture what my busy, honest house looks like. I think it is refreshing to see something un-posed and poorly lit in a blog every once in a while. Don't you?

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  1. yea, i agree. its nice to get inspiration for home decor but my house is far from looking like that. i like that you keep it real!
    my house is always such a mess! at least yours is clean ((right now)) hahahaha