Friday, December 7, 2012

Blogging as a serious writer

Every few months I decide to take my blog seriously, and really put effort into thoughtful and inspiring posts.
Then, something like this happens.

Dudes! I finally pooped while my husband was home! 

This level of comfort has only taken 6 months to achieve. It's almost like we're really married.
Granted, he was asleep.. but it still counts.

Go back to your business.
Because I can do mine now (sort of).


  1. haha. this made me laugh out loud. i've been married for almost seven years, but i remember those awkward times! now we just give each other a head's up.

    " probably don't want to go in that direction for ten or fifteen minutes."

  2. i can't imagine this. josh and i have bee pooping and farting since the beginning. i guess there was an awkward time when we were dating, but i accidentally farted around him and then it all went to hell.

  3. Fantastic!! LOL! I remember when I used to only be able to poop after my husband (he was my boyfriend then) had left for work in the mornings. Now, the bathroom door is rarely closed and we sometimes even have full face-to-face conversations during. So sexy.