Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Utah

I got to wear my parka. If you own a parka, you know how comfy and cocoonish wearing one is. WIN!
I spent the last week in Utah, visiting some friends who live in downtown Salt Lake while Averie shared Thanksgiving with her dad.
I. Had. No. Children.
I. Had. No. Work.
I am very afraid of Averie was assuring me that we would be okay if we crashed  in the ocean..that is between Utah and California.

Oh, but I didn't have my husband..because he had the aforementioned mentioned things.
So, I bummed around the city alone for the week and slept. I literally just slept because I could. I keep thinking that part of me should (but doesn't) feel like I wasted my alone time.. Maybe I could have and should have done something markedly great, like (INSERT WHATEVER HERE). Really, I caught up on some much needed zzzs, took a million Instagram selfies, sewed some crafts and took my friend's dog on lots of walks. But, I don't feel like I wasted my vacation. Because it was a vacation.
No regrets.

Untitled What would you do if you had a week to yourself? Would you squander it on sleep or are you one of those uppity types that does stuff?


  1. i woulda done the same. chilled to the max!
    good for u friend, you needed a break.
    but why didnt you take me with u?? jk. :)

  2. I would sleep and then dream that I was sleeping and that dream would be so great that I wouldn't want to wake up from it, but then I would and I would go back to sleep. After I peed.