Monday, November 5, 2012

Mom's Bingo!

I neglected the blog last week to spend some time catching up on important stuff........
Look, I REALLY needed to know HOW TED MET THEIR MOTHER, okay?
To make up for the lack of attention, I present to you:


Unflushed business in the toilet
Dirty sock crammed between cushions
Microscopic ripped bits of paper littered throughout the house
Crayola hieroglyphics
Crumpled up homework
Mystery Smell!
Band-Aid stuck on kitchen floor
Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.
Vomit on…
You aren’t buckled??!
Somebody hit somebody in the car..
Syrup in hair..
We didn’t even have pancakes today
Child Screaming for no reason
Toys in your bed
Mashed meat in the car seat?
Old sippy cup
Crucial page has been torn out of (insert kid’s book title here)
Vacuuming the living room again
Dried out package of diaper wipes
I hope that’s chocolate!
Every single light on
Why are there woodchips all over the carpet?
Only one shoe
Sticky Hands
Tiny underwear everywhere

Can you get BINGO today?? How about a "Black Out???!" I bet I can.
Have fun!