Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gymboree Shopping Trip!

This post is sponsored by Gymboree. Bring a friend to a Gymboree store and sign up for Gymboree Rewards together and you'll both SAVE 25% off an in-store purchase.

I see sale signs!
My family is getting ready to take our Christmas photos next week. Unfortunately, since it is the end of the year, my kid's clothing options are pretty haggard and run down. Like, if a dress doesn't have a hole or a hideous stain on the front, we're lucky.
Cut to the chase: SHOPPING TRIP
I went to the usual discount stores, a habit I am trying to break since I have realized that the quality of clothing doesn't hold up to my wild kids. So, I wen't to a place I have not been for a long time.

The Mall!

Gymboree is having really good deals, guys! I SCORED!

Averie's pick
The first thing I did was find these cute chevron tights..

I am a sucker for chevron
The second thing I did was plan our entire family's photo outfits around them.

Not so matchy matchy, but together looking. Get it?
Averie was even a good sport.

Gratuitous cute child photo. I know that is 80% of why anyone reads any blog ever.
My good friend, Jess from IROCKSOWHAT, tagged along and we both got 25% off our purchases for signing up for Gymboree Rewards (double score!). Oh, and did I mention the bounce back coupons we snagged, too? So, I get to go back!!

Shopping with a buddy is always better.
I am so excited to dress my kids, and take a decent picture of us looking like a million bucks! The best part is that I didn't spend too much, so I get to buy myself something new! Does Gymboree have my size?

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