Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girl Time Day 1

Papi is out of town this week, so we spent the entire day at IKEA and Target. A double whammy that would have surely killed my husband.
If you are unsure how we could spend 4 hours at IKEA, come with us next time and you will see that it takes us 10 years to do anything. I'm surprised we made such good time.
Today was my first day with the kids solo in a while, and I'm sure I could have tried harder to plan something better, but they had a really good time messing around with the Scandinavian modular furniture, so... whatever. We were away from home, I cleaned no messes, the bitching was minimal-- I won.

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  1. Remember that time we found out Ave was too short for Smal Land? Worst day ever.