Thursday, October 18, 2012

Frankenweenie review..because my opinion counts



Honestly, it kind of pains me to say, "Meh." I am a huge Tim Burton fan and a huge OG Frankenweenie fan, so I really psyched myself and my kids up for the movie. I was disappointed. The movie was slow, and parts of it didn't really make much sense. It just didn't flow like the original.
Like, remember when you went to go see Corpse Bride and you were like, "I wish it was Nightmare Before Christmas"? Well, it was like that.

What did the kids think? For the most part they liked it, but when they left the theater all they could talk about was how awesome Wreck it Ralph looked.

So, here's what you should know:

  • There were some really intense moments where it was very "Beetlejuice- ish" that Averie really got a kick out of, but scared the shnikes out of Vinnie.
  • Probably not the best for really young kids, or kids that are kind of wubby.-Yes, I took the two year old..The OG version is NOT so intense!
  • Get the 3D glasses..We didn't, but I think it would have made the movie better. 
  • COME EARLY FOR THE PREVIEWS!!!!!! Dude, the best part of the whole movie was the preview for OZ. 


  1. ohmigosh, my stepdaughter has that same purple "love" shirt. must be target clearance! haha.

    i find that i feel very "i wish it was nightmare before christmas" with most things (:

  2. Yep. I head straight to the clearance section...I like everything to be $2.40 or less!