Friday, October 5, 2012

Averie K: First Grader...and the Insecure Mom's Fear of the Yellow Bus of Death


Av started taking the bus today. I prayed that she would get a spot on the bus to save me time and sanity on the days I have to get all three school age kids to their three different schools, but today, as she was waiting in line, I started to have some doubts about my baby bussing it.
Because I took the bus in Jr. High and hated it.*
The bus kids were mean and we had just moved from a fancy(ish) house on the Yorba Linda Golf Course, to a townhouse complex.**
On top of everything, I started riding the bus a few months after the school year started, so everyone already had spots and knew their place. I was fresh meat and the Atwood (Atwooooood!) kids ate me up.***
There was, however, one other awkward white girl on the bus (sorry Karen), so we gravitated toward each other and became friends by default, but when I scanned through the kids lining up today, I didn't see anyone Averie looked like she could buddy up with.
So, I sat all day..worried about my babe alone on the big yellow mobile machine of terror.
..Assumed that she hated it and got picked on.
..And had no friends.
..And had all the same experiences I did.
I think I have issues, because...

She was just fine on the bus and can't wait to take it again on Monday.

*I pretty much hated everything when I was in Jr. High, so anything short of a limo service to school was "crappy".
**The neighborhood I lived in was the Tijuana of Anaheim Hills..Which was still much nicer than 99% of all neighborhoods in the world and consisted of very nice town houses.
***If my neighborhood was the TJ of Anaheim Hills, the Atwood bus stop was Avenida Revolucion


  1. I hated the bus, too. I got picked on by an 8th grader because I had a Winnie the Pooh backpack.

    1. Yah, Jr. High was ruthless!
      I got made fun of a lot..but I also kind of deserved it. I was a weird kid, for sure.