Friday, October 12, 2012

Ask and ye shall git it.

Last week, I just wanted to cry. Cry that I was tired of running errands, shuttling the kids to and from school, cry that I shouldn't have to clean up after everybody and cry that life isn't fair.
I am still adjusting to the SAHM gig, and having to remind myself that this is my job. Being at "home" is what I asked my husband to make possible, and he works his butt off to make this happen. But, I wasn't prepared for the emotional drain of policing parenting 4 little girls! I am constantly breaking up fights, squashing power struggles and trying to control the shriek volume, which is usually "at 11"-- ON TOP of my aforementioned list of mom duties. I couldn't bring myself to blog because I couldn't muster the energy to do anything positive. Things were rough for all of us, especially me.
So, I prayed. Hard. 
I prayed for a break, I asked for patience, kindness and asked God to help me figure out how to bring peace into our home.
My answer was this, "Ask your husband for help".
Ask him for help? My husband who already works so hard? What would he think of me? My pride hurt at the thought, and I resolved to just push through and ignored my answer.
Things got worse as the week wore on, and my home began to fall apart with me.
Once again, I prayed and once again my answer was to ask my husband for help.
Against my pride, I did. I told him I was drowning in housework, childcare and couldn't find my way out of this slump. I told him I felt worn out and undesirable.
I asked him for help, I asked him for a break.
And you know what? He gave me one.
Because, friends, that is what marriage is about. It's not about showing your partner how great you are, it is about showing your partner how great they make you.


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  1. Inspiring. I think all of us who stay at home feel this way. I hate having to ask J for any type of help for the same reasons. He works so hard & gives us this life. But for my sanity, I need some help.

    GREAT post!