Sunday, September 30, 2012


When we (I) have run out of steam and ideas or just need to put my head down, I turn on the webcam and let the kids do whatever it is they do. Tonight was a webcam night, because today was just one of those days!
No shirts...whatever. I just want a nap.

We some how pulled it together enough to make it only 15 minutes late to church and my energy and "trying-ness" was pretty much done after that.
Trying-ness..I'm coining that.
Such is every Sunday, right?
I have been struggling with Sunday mornings. I just can't open myself up to recieve some sort of spiritual message after screaming at the famiy to get in gear. There is always so much contention on Sundays around here and I feel awful for it. I am home, the kids are home, my husband is home..Shouldn't I be happy as a clam? Why does this day of rest always leave me so exhausted?
How do other families cope, yo?


  1. i woke up thinking it was monday this morning. good news for me!!

    we just went to the science center in the late afternoon. it's nice and cool in there!

  2. This is something I have struggled with for quite a while, and I had been praying and felt the Holy Ghost tell me: "This may not be your season to receive spiritual renewal at church. This is your season to teach your children that we go to church. Don't expect it to be about you for a while, and make sure that you get your renewal during the week some time." And I took that pressure off of myself, and it has been tremendously awesome.