Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day weekend. Three day weekend. Lots of kids weekend. Papi was home weekend.
I love that Jeffrey was around, but instead of taking advantage of the time and doing something awesome, he wanted to work on his neglected cars, fix stuff i wasn't aware needed fixing and pretty much just do man things. Boo!
Alright, the car HAD to get fixed or else it wasn't going to..ummm..work. Also, that lint?!?! Holy shnikes!
So, I did mom stuff and tried to trick the kids into believing that the park down the street is waaay better than going to Mammoth Lakes.

Then, I convinced them to make "Bug City" in the patio instead of going to the zoo. Suckers.

And, as always, Anabel wore her fair share of weird stuff.

How was your Labor Day weekend?? 


  1. Goodness your kids are adorable! The video was great, my 2 year old asked to watch it a few times. Labor day weekend was full or fevers and no sleep, so lovely.

  2. Seriously! Your kids are soo cute! I always feel terrible when my husband spends the whole day fixing things that need attention and i'm bruiting things about the things that i had planned for family time! I found your blog on IROCKSOWHAT, and instead of finishing christmas presents (felt car mat) i'm using up the tiny time i have after my daughter goes to sleep to read about your clan! I CAN't Stop!!! I love it!

    1. Thanks, Ali! What is this felt car mat you're making?? I'm always looking for homemade-Christmas-gift-pinterest-crafts to start and never complete!