Sunday, September 16, 2012

I have been mourning the end of summer. When the kids started school I thought I would have all this time to myself to frolic the aisles of Target and dig through the AS IS section at Ikea while following through and completing all those pins I pinned so, so long ago.
HA!! I have spent most of my time in the car picking up, dropping off and shuttling kids from here to there. This is in addition to all the cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning. Hey, I asked to be a sahm...again, smart??Untitleda>
P.S. We have a new schedule with the girls, so I have two days of just one kid now..and I was super smart and volunteered myself to work in her classroom on those days.
In between all the mom stuff, I find myself with a smidgen of time that I want to spend with my husband. So we both zonk out fully dressed on top of the covers.
To avoid that happening again tonight, I am cutting this post short and getting down with my husband and playing some hardcore Bubble Bobble. Which is not a metaphor for anything sexual, I assure you.


  1. Welcome to marriage with children. Where your date nights become folding socks while watching Doctor Who while the children sleep.

    1. We have managed to go out on an actual date to Disneyland thanks to grandma watching I can't gripe too much.