Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am (almost) my Mother

Today, while I was grocery shopping, I almost pulled a "My Mom" and bought the grape flavored Kool Aid jooce drank because it was 10 cents cheaper than all the other flavors. Then, I thought about Ecto Cooler, the ONLY kind of Hi-C my mom bought. It was cheaper, it was disgusting, and my brother and I drank it because it was something not water. I LONGED for anything but the novelty green colored, sour orange flavored stuff we got in our school lunches that did not have a princess or Hello Kitty on the box, but had Slimer from Ghost Busters (which did not help me win cool, female friends..Neither did all the X Files shirts). Sorry, Mom, but Ecto Cooler blew, just as Grape flavored anything blows in my book. 
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As I grabbed the box of cherry jooce drank, I started thinking about all the other "My Mom" moves I pull on Av, but hated when I was a kid. FYI, these are all food related. I was a chubby kid, folks.
  • Mixing cereals. The Tuppewares almost I add a new box of Raisin Bran to the 1 serving left of Fruit Loops, and PISS EVERYONE OFF. 
  • Sandwich bag rationing. There is one serving of chips left, but instead of transferring them to a reasonably sized bag, I roll the almost empty bag up, stick it in my daughter's lunch pail, and embarrass her upon discovery. 
  • Trying to pass off a cut up banana in milk as some sort of cereal. No explaination needed.
  • Mush. My mom used to make this puree of....I'm not exactly sure what, and actually called it mush when trying to serve it. Anyways, last week, I made mashed potatoes and added a puree of squash, carrots and cauliflower to it, but it became mush. Didn't fly with anyone.
  • Squash in everything.
I am really REALLY REALLY lucky I have a good mom, and was raised in a loving home by amazing parents........ that I am apparently turning into. 


  1. LMAO, we all have shit like this. At least I hope so.

    1. I'd love to hear some your mom stories!

  2. ohmigosh, i spit my drink out at sandwich bag rationing.. i am so going to do that!