Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hey girl, its been a couple of days. What have I been up to?
-Well, I've been saying I've been on a diet, but really its just been me using Paleo as an excuse to eat chorizo.
-I've been not cleaning the house because I'm too busy shopping for curtains. And not actually buying them. This is similar to me not doing the laundry because I have been too wrapped up in the hunt to procure the ingredients for DIY detergent.
-Breaking Bad in my free time. Here's my Breaking Bad recap I gave to my husband tonight:
So, Brian Cranston is making meth for Steve Urkel and Meg's husband from FOTC was on for a minute. But, I guess you didn't need to know that.
Oh, and these flashy Mexican guys are after detective Stabler. That's his name right?
-Here's some pictures of when some crayons melted from the scorching temperatures in the house, which also boiled my blogging brain and caused this crappy post.
I'll do better tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Just don't use that DIY detergent in an HE washing machine. I AM SERIOUS.

    1. Don't worry. I was so unimpressed by the DIY dish soap that I didn't even want to try anything not chock full of phosphates and chemicals.