Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy birthday to the funniest Cat I know. So glad she is in my life!
I can't believe she is four now.
This is birthday season for the Suarez girls. Cat's September, V is October, Bel is November and then, of course, we have Christmas. So, we are throwing one big party for all 3 on a day next month that no one's birthday falls on, but close enough to V's bday because we don't need her to get any higher up on a cross about having to share a party. The other two are stoked to get a brinca brinca.
Anyways, we had a birthday dinner for cat last night and she opened her presents from us... Zoobles. Only Zoobles, because it is all she wanted. Ever.
I love that kid.

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  1. I love that Cat, and one day will go to the post office to mail her that love.