Thursday, September 27, 2012

Are You A Good Egg?

I scored some free eggs from a very nice friend who knows that my family will:
  1. Eat anything
  2. Not let a scrap of whateverthehellthatcrapisinthefridge go to waste
One carton of eggs had a "sell by" date of Sept. 6...Today is the 27th.
Will we eat these eggs?  Would you eat them? How do you know if the eggs are really expired or not?

  • Grab your official egg checker (Hair in face is optional)
  • Have her fill up a cup of REALLY COLD (throw a couple cubes in there) water
  • Carefully drop each egg into the water
    • If the egg sinks to the bottom, it is good!
    • If the egg stands on it's tip, it is good, but needs to be used ASAP!
    • If the egg floats, it is gnarly and you shouldn't eat it. You could, but you might die...maybe. Your choice. Death by egg.*
Yes, Sam I Am, we will eat these eggs.

*Death by egg is pretty unlikely, but we like drama around here. Also, it had a better ring than Explosive Huevo Diarrhea.


  1. well that's embarrassing. sorry. i didn't even know they had expired.

    1. Dude...thanks you for the eggs. We ha e already used them! Also, they WEREN'T expired:)
      They probably were on the shelf after the date. Happens all the time!

    2. omg this comment made me laugh out loud. HA!

      Also, great advice! I have a carton of eggs that I've been giving the side eye to, because they've been in there a while. My plan was just to leave them there until I was absolutely certain that they had gone bad, and then throw them out... I guess I might actually be able to use them!