Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Party for Papi

Party time?

Jeffrey has been out of town like crazy for the last month, so to celebrate his homecoming we decided to decorate the house and throw him a breakfast party...Because I thought he was coming home Tuesday morning. Problem was, his flight was actually scheduled for Tuesday night. I wasn't a happy camper Tuesday morning when he called at 7:30 am and he wasn't on his way home. 
Cat, after hearing Papi wasn't coming home for breakfast.

But, after throwing an unnecessary fit (sorry dear), I resolved to not feel like a chump and throw him a party with or without his presence. We ordered pizza, ate ice cream and wore AWESOME party hats. 
I called Jess to come over and give me a much needed break from the kids, also to give me some adult conversation. 
Jess's son, Wyatt, broke up the crazy girl emotions that usually overrun our house and the girls had a fun time trying to turn him into one of them (see Jess's blog post for reference). 
Finally, thankfully, Jeffrey came home around 8 pm and we were able to hide in the kitchen and surprise him with decorations and left over pizza from our party for the absent party.
Waiting to surprise Papi!

I love this man. He is so adorable.

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