Sunday, August 19, 2012

Park Review: Adlena Park, Fullerton

I am a big fan of free shiz to do with the kids. I am not a big fan of sweating my bee-hind off while sitting at a boring kid activity. Enter: Spash Pad.
There is only ONE cholo in the background of this picture. 

Splash pads are huge in Utah, and I am glad they are popping up around Orange County. Randomly, Fullerton has 3! We have done Lemon Spray Pool a couple of times, but I hate how crowded and full of cholos the park is. Sorry to offend, but it is full of cholos. There is also no where to sit near the splash area, so in order to watch the kids I have to be in the crossfire...the insanely chlorinated, freezing cold crossfire.
We hit up Adlena Park and it was much more family friendly and the crowd for a Sunday was minimal. The girls really liked this park, the water wasn't icy like Lemon's, the bathrooms are right by the pad, there is a ton of grass to picnic on and there are tables as well. We will probably continue to hit this one up. It is a lot smaller than Lemon, but the girls didn't care. I appreciated that I could see what was going on and the kids could play in the playground or the splash pad and I could watch them all simultaneously. There is one more splash pad in Fullerton we need to try, and if it is worth talking about I'll post something.
I was really surprised that this park wasn't on YELP, and that there were no pictures or reviews on GOOGLE. So, I thought I would blerg something.
This photo is from Lemon Spray Pool for reference. SO MANY KIDS!


  1. So I was at Liz's blog ( Peach On Earth ) and found your blog and you are local - I'm in Buena Park. Not a fan of cholos either lol Thanks for sharing, might drag the 6 year old and Hubby there one of these days!

  2. You're a saint for checking these places out and posting about them. When you Instagramed the pics of this place I was curious where it was. Thanks for sharing.