Monday, August 13, 2012

On a boat y'all

We found our cool off activity--My parent's boat?! My parents have a boat and I had not been on it! 
Here are pictures. 

This photo WINS
It was, erm, bright on the water.

Papa let V drive..
Bugs, glistening from the insane amount of SPF 3,000 on her skin. I WILL NOT have a griping burnt kid who gripes.
I wish I worked at Sea World. 
We were a few feet away from sea lions sunbathing on a buoy and I was really surprised that V got scared! It was too close for her comfort..I didn't think that was remotely possible! I really hope we can go back with Jeffrey. He would have made the day perfect. 
When we got back to land, the girls immediately stripped into their skivvies and played in the bay. I instagrammed with the hashtag #mommyhasgivenup and believe me, I had by the end of the day. 

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