Friday, August 10, 2012

Mom Friend

Bugs likes only a handful of people on the planet. Liz is one of them. She's a keeper. 
A good mom friend is hard to find. I mean, really, finding someone to hang out with that can stand your kids (and you can stand theirs), someone who isn't trying to win a Mother of the Year Award by "out momming" you constantly and acknowledges that her kids can be buttheads so when yours have melt downs it isn't shocking nor is is a judgement on you..Oh and finding someone that is also cool to talk to?
Like I said, a good mom friend is hard to find.
I have a couple, and I am super lucky to be able to get out of the house and mom it up with super awesome ladies from time to time.
The Cat...every inch of her body caked with sand. 
Yesterday, mom friend Liz, and I went to Cabrillo Park and I really think this might be a future play date spot. There is beach, small baby waves because it is a roped off bay, and a playground. Plus, it is a baby beach so there is mostly regular ol' moms aound and I could wear my swimming suit without feeling too self conscious. Score!

Liz's Luna. She is so chill and opposite of Bugs. 

Later, we went back to Liz's house for dinner and more playtime. So great! The whole day blew by and it helped me to keep my mind off my out of town husband.
still totally sandy and disgusting..but somehow the cutest picture ever.

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