Sunday, August 12, 2012

Long Day Hot Day Good Day Swim Day

I look like The Crow when I swim, so I kept my sunnies on.
I am so thankful for the girl's mother...because her apartment complex has a pool that you don't need a key to access! Yesterday was the first time I have taken the kids there..and I intend to sneak back over very soon!

Mom drinks at the kid party. I love California!
A friend of ours also lives in the complex and her daughter was having a pool party to celebrate her birthday. I don't normally swim, but it has been so stinking hot that I really needed to cool off. We probably swam for four hours.
I had to use my full zoom because she was clear in the deep end of the pool!

Now, today, I am on a quest for another cool off activity. Splash park? Beach? Another trip back to the pool perhaps?

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