Thursday, August 30, 2012

I have an addiction to Breaking Bad. I have neglected my housework and eaten pretty much nothing but pb&js and ingested Rockstars while laying on the couch like a junkie. I swear I'll quit after this episode. I swear it, I'll get clean.
In other news, I have had a killer sinus infection/cold/allergy/plague for almost a week with no let up yet. The kids have killed me via airborne pathogens.


  1. It is the best show ever. I WISH I could have waited for this season to be over so I could have a marathon like you are having, (I am seriously jealous because that is 100% my favorite way to watch a show) but it was WAY TOO HARD TO RESIST. Now I have to make sure I watch Breaking Bad AFTER True Blood because that show has gotten so terrible that I need Breaking Bad to remind me what amazing television really is. (I think my SAHMness is showing here....)
    I also wanted to comment because we follow each other on Instagram (granintraining) and I was so happy to find your blog!!! You have a sweet little blended family and I have to say I cherish my step siblings/step dad and mom. I met my sisters (we don't even use the term step ever) when I was 4 and now we are all in our 20s (5 of us girls!) and are inseparable. You are giving all your daughters such an amazing life experience and I bet they will all grow up close as ever. Well, only after enjoying some typical teen drama years first! ;)

    Awesome blog Julie!!!!

  2. Hope ya feal better!! I LOVE your blog soo much, I use to read your old blog and was soo happy when you got a new one!

    I have just started blogging and I would love it if you followed me.

  3. Word! Love Breaking Bad so much. And granintraining is right, True Blood has gotten horrible. Hope the sinuses are holding up better this week.

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