Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yesterday, we mixed things up and went to the Children's Museum in La Habra for free first Saturday, where Bel chewed on a piece of ham for and hour and 15 minutes. Naturally, I instagrammed the whole incident, because it was disgusting and will serve me well in the future (Bel's first date, prom, etc). Don't think I didn't try to get her to swallow, or chew, or just do something other than mash it around in her mouth, because, I did! I begged, pleaded and even did the stearn "in your face mom whisper". But, like the realist I am, I came to grips that she was going to win this battle and let her be nasty with her Pork Pâté. 
When she finally decided the time had come to swallow her food, she let me know.

Oh, and the other kids did some stuff. Whatevs.


  1. my oldest son used to do that with bacon. one day he had a slice resting in his mouth for the better portion of the morning. it was nasty.

  2. I will find her some bacon gum.