Sunday, August 19, 2012

Funk Fest

Yesterday, I met up with with mom friend Liz, at The Long Beach Funk Fest. When she invited me, I was really stoked to go (stoked, duders!)...but  when it was time for me to actually leave my house, my enthusiasm waned. First, the kids were buttheads upon waking up at 6:30 am. 6 hours later, they were beyond buttheads and on top of the buttheadery, the house was messy. I CANNOT handle leaving the house a mess, so I had to take 20ish minutes to tidy up. Then, I had each kid go to the bathroom before leaving. Cat knocked over and shattered a Yankee Candle (you know, because it was on top of the toilet)..add 10 more minutes to clean.
The drive to the LGB wasn't bad, and my California navigation skills are improving. Finding parking was a different story, but magically I found an open meter right next to the festival.
Looked in the ashtray and NO CHANGE!
Did you know that meters aren't free on Saturdays here? I didn't. I also didn't know that EVERYTHING is metered in downtown Long Beach. Needless to say, I lost that spot.
After hitting up a drive thru for a drink and some change and then NOT finding any open meters, I chose a parking structure.

The music at the festival was awesome! I appreciate influences a lot of my favorite bands. Talking Heads, The Clash, even Belle and Sebastian get funky.
The kids had a decent time..there were drums to bang on and a sweet funkadelic headband making booth. They loved the break dancing exhibit, though! We probably watched the dancers for 30 minutes. I need to download Breakin' for them...and for me.
The sound on this video is terrible. Sorry.

I was sad to leave, but the weather was hot and after about 2 hours the kids were done. We went back to Liz's house and let them get funky in the kiddie pool before heading home.

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