Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Errands: I suck at them.

Bribed to the car with sunglasses and bubbles
  I take all day to run to a few places and I literally have to talk myself into getting the kids ready and into the car...which takes hours to do. Here was yesterday:
8am- Breakfast and cleanup.
9am- Bathing, dressing, hair brushing, finding shoes.
10:30am- Shoes on, then somehow off again, someone is crying, now walking to the car and waiting for each girl to get in. 

10:45am- Oh crap I forgot my purse. Back to the house, turn around and walk back to the car. 
11:05am-Fighting over buckles and seats and lap belts. Crying, touching, pinching, poking and now someone has lost a shoe. I don't care because the car is moving and the radio is loud.
11:25-Arrive at County Recorder's office and wait in line. Girls are all over the place, I'm pretending they aren't with me. Look around, there's no Hispanic people waiting that could pass for their parents. Damn.
11:35- Our number is called, my requested copy of the vital record I need isn't ready and I'm told I need to come back next week.
11:36- Wishing I had a drink.

Cat, get out of that seat, it isn't your seat. Vinnie, buckle up. Bel, get in. Bel, stop crying, Cat get out of...Cat just..Ugh whatever.

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