Monday, August 6, 2012


Sizing up the older sister...

Jeffrey was home yesterday, which was a blessing and a curse. 

Upset because she wasn't sitting on Papi's other, other knee.
On one hand, he was around to watch the kids (so I could poop with the door closed?!?) but on the other hand, the kids act way crazier when he is around, so yesterday was looooooong. When Papi is home, everything becomes a competition for his attention, so like dominoes, the girls fall apart and throw fits one by one. Plus, no one napped (of course) so the level of awesomeness was "es lo maximo!" 

Thankfully, we got an invite to my Dad's house for dinner and the kids had their grandparents and Auntie D (and pizza and a cold pool and chocolate milk and oh now we're crying because we have to leave Grandpa Jody's) to satisfy their attention starved selves. Because we are such rotten parents, right?


  1. That is how it will be until they leave home. Every time there is even the tiniest change in routine the children will seize on it and turn into horrible, horrible demons. Just know it is like that for everyone. Also, I haven't pooped alone in seven years.

  2. The ever elusive solo poop. How I long for it.

    Hope today is better.