Friday, August 24, 2012

Ah hah!

Confession: I am the big baby.
I have an extreme personality and my coping skills are a bit rusty..I hate that. I have the tendency to over think almost everything, letting one not so great event affect an entire day's activities. Having one easy going child wasn't such a big deal; I floated through life. Having 4 children is a lot different: 4 times the foolishness, 4 times the emotions, 4 times the mood swings, 4 times the uh oh moments and 4 times my anxiety. Did I mention I suffer from anxiety? Did I also mention I am also newly married? Did I also mention that I forgot how hard it can be to adjust to living with another adult? Did also I mention I have weak coping skills? Oh, I did? Bah.
Yesterday, I had an epiphany; an "ah hah" moment (Thanks 'Prah)!
There are no such things as good days. There are no such things as good children. There are no such things as good marriages. Days are just days, kids are just kids and marriage is just marriage. None of these can or should be lumped and classified as good or bad. Stop thinking about whether or not something sucks or would have been better, or what might happen if something goes wrong.
 I am missing out on life because I am too busy thinking about life.

So, I left the damn couch cushions on the floor.

And took a nap with my husband. 

And the kids?

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